Whether it’s waking up and drinking warm lemon water, a daily dose of your fav superfood or 5 minutes of mindful breathing, these little rituals you create in your life may seem small, but they have the opportunity to make a big impact long-term on your health + wellbeing.

A ritual that we love to recommend is DRY BODY BRUSHING! 😍

🌸 WHY:
It stimulates our lymphatic system, assisting our body in removing what we don’t need, improving our detoxification process, stronger immunity + glowing, healthy skin!

It also:
🌿 increases circulation
🌿 removes dead skin / exfoliates
🌿 improves skin tone and texture (hello smoother skin) 
🌿 encourages collagen production
🌿 reduces appearance of cellulite

To enhance the benefits of all of the above add 1-2 drops of essential oils, we love Grapefruit because it’s cleansing, smells good & encourages the break down of fats!

You could also try:
🌸 Smart & Sassy (metabolic blend)
🌸 AromaTouch (spa blend)
🌸 Any citrus oils

🌼 always before a shower or bath
🌼 ideally for a few minutes, up to 3 times per week for best results
🌼 start at your feet, working up to your legs, arms, chest, back and stomach
🌼 adjust pressure of brush for each body part, make sure it’s comfortable yet stimulating enough to do the trick
🌼 most importantly, always brush in upward strokes towards your heart to work with your circulation & lymphatic system

Have you tried Dry Body Brushing before?

What about with essential oils?
Try a drop or two next time and watch how you just leveled up your ritual 😉