Fusion Health are experts in merging ancient Chinese wisdom and herbalism with the scientific validation of modern medicine, and in the spirit of celebrating women this month, here are two of our favourite supplements to support Women:

⭐️ HAIR, SKIN + NAILS: with the combination of Silica + nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin C and Phytofol® this supplement can help to:
💗 maintain hair condition + strength
💗 manage minor hair loss due to inadequate zinc intake 
💗 strengthen soft and brittle nails 
💗 support skin health, repair and healing

⭐️ CRANBERRY: a high potency dose of craberry (60g per veg capsule), cranberry is well known for supporting bladder & urinary tract health + the following: 
💗 reduce the risk of cystitis
💗 relieve cystitis symptoms like pain
💗 burning + the need to urinate frequently and/or urgently
💗provides antioxidant support to help protect cells against free radical damage

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