TROPEAKA - Cacao Powder 200g

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Cacao Powder is produced through a low-temperature drying process which ensures the cacao powder keeps a range of health-benefiting properties, including having a wide spectrum of minerals including magnesium, iron, potassium, polyphenols and zinc, as well as possessing a high antioxidant ORAC value of 130,590 µmol TE/100g. An ORAC value is a measure of a food's antioxidant capacity.


There is a big difference between cacao powder and cocoa powder, not only in how they are processed and produced but also in the additional nutritional value and health benefits associated with both. As cacao powder is processed in a raw state at low temperature, it ensures that the majority of the superfood's nutrients are retained. Cocoa powder, on the other hand, is heat-treated and loses a lot of its nutritional value in the process and is therefore not seen as a superfood.


100% RAW, NATURAL, ORGANIC SUPERFOOD: Our premium Cacao Powder has not been subjected to high heat. Because of this low-temperature processing, it retains its status as a true natural superfood that has a wide range of nutrients along with a high level of antioxidant activity.


THE BEST TASTING CACAO: The cacao bean that goes into making our Cacao Powder is the Criolla cacao bean variety which is a rarer type of cacao bean that originates in Central America. You'll notice that our cacao tastes better than many other brands because this Criolla variety is known for its finer, sweeter and less bitter notes than traditional cacao powder. Best of all, a better tasting cacao powder means a more delicious chocolate recipe creation for you!


HIGH ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY: With an antioxidant ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value of 130,590 µmol TE/100g, this cacao powder provides bodily protection from foreign invaders.


ENERGY PRODUCTION: Feel powered-up and ready to roll with a range of energy-metabolising nutrients to power your day!


WIDE SPECTRUM OF NUTRIENTS: Cacao is packed full of antioxidants and contains magnesium, calcium, sulfur, zinc, iron, copper, potassium, manganese and vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, C and E.

Mix 2 heaped teaspoons into 250ml of water, natural juice or smoothie 1-2 times a day for optimum results. Also use as a healthy, great-tasting substitute for chocolate in desserts and sweets.


Raw Cacao Powder*

*Certified Organic


Serving Size: 10g
Servings Per Pack: 200g/20 & 450g/45

Energy 179KJ 1790KJ
Protein 2.63g 26.3g
Fat (Total) 1.1g 11.4g
- Saturated 0.7g 7.2g
Carbohydrates 4.9g 49g
- Sugars 0.1g 1g
Dietary Fibre 0.47g 4.7g
Sodium 10.14mg 101.4mg